Yes! Your child CAN learn to navigate BIG emotions!

Lots of children (and some of us parents also) struggle with navigating BIG emotions such as feeling angry, sad, anxious, and more.

God gave us emotions in all kinds of sizes to act as signals for our hearts. So we don't want our children to stuff those BIG emotions down nor do we want them to just let those emotions fly like crazy.

Instead, we need to teach our children how to listen for and identify emotions early on so they can pause, understand what that emotion is trying to tell them, and make a plan for moving forward. This is key to raising emotionally informed and healthy children who love Jesus and hear His voice in their lives.

Your Child's Roadmap for Navigating BIG Emotions

Grab this free parenting resource and get some of the best tools to start helping your kids navigate BIG emotions so that you can grow closer with your child and experience more peace as a family.

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    B.J. Meurer

    Biblical Parenting Coach,

    Presenter, and Course Creator

    What's inside?

    Check out these 23 pages packed with resources, posters, directions, and tips for how to use all of them with your children including ...

    • Theology of emotions explaining the 3 steps for navigating emotions
    • Zones of Regulation printable posters to support your children in self-identifying their own zones and emotions
    • Posters that illustrate the 4 major groups of emotions (i.e. Happy, Angry, Sad, Anxious) including functioning definitions to use with your children as well as examples of related emotions in each group
    • 4 different emotion scales to use with your children when discussing the intensity of an emotion they are experiencing
    • 3 parent emotion summary pages that summarize Angry, Sad, and Anxious emotions providing you with definitions, examples of those emotions, specific scriptures to work on with your children, and heart-based parenting tools and strategies specific for each of the 3 major emotion groups
    • A Take a Break & Positive Conclusion poster to help you support your children in learning how to pause, process, and make a plan

    Why is this important?

    Every family needs a roadmap for navigating emotions. Children need to know how to recognize, understand, manage, and relate to emotions. Parents need to be able to teach this to their children and raise them in an emotionally informed and healthy manner while also responding to their children's emotions with grace, love, gentleness, and firmness.

    Most importantly, it's about raising our children to have a heart that's ready for whenever Jesus calls them so they can faithfully follow Him and extend His Kingdom to all the earth.