Tired of fighting to get your kids to listen?

Parenting doesn't need to be about battles with our kids. There are better ways to teach our kids to follow instructions while actually responding to us with a good attitude ... when we focus our parenting on our kids' hearts.

Many times simple changes in how we interact with our kids can really make a positive impact. Over the next 5 days, get a brief (5-9 minute) parenting video each day with a new heart-based, practical parenting step that you can use with your kids the second you finish the video and start seeing change in family life.

These 5 simple steps have helped countless families experience positive changes, and they can help your family, too!

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Kids to Follow Instructions

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    B.J. Meurer

    Biblical Parenting Coach,

    Presenter, and Course Creator

    What will you learn?

    Over the course of 5 days, you'll learn how to:

    • Use instructions to develop closer relationships in your family
    • Get close to your kids and consider your timing
    • Teach your kids the right way to come when called
    • Help your kids develop hearts that are ready to receive instructions
    • Deliver an instruction that your kids actually hear and follow
    • Wait expectantly while your kids go off on a mission to complete a task
    • Teach your kids to report back in when finished
    • Provide positive feedback that ensures the job is done right and promotes a sense of accomplishment

    Why is this important?

    Teaching our kids to follow instructions is more than just making sure they're good kids who know how to help out around the house.

    It's actually about developing relationship, cooperation, responsibility, attentiveness, thoroughness, accountability, a sense of accomplishment, and so much more in the hearts of our kids.

    Most importantly, it's about raising our kids to have a heart that's ready for whenever Jesus gives them an instruction so they can faithfully follow Him.